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“The KNS-8400 feel solid but still fairly light. You definitely don't wear a big heavy weight on your head. The headband and the cups have nice leather padding which make them very comfortable. I had no problem wearing them for hours on end.”

Audio Media magazine

“The 8400s are a lovely pair of headphones and an incredibly easy listen, both from a comfort and a sonic point of view. After a very short while you forget you're wearing them and just bask in the great sound.”

“I found the KNS-8400 to be good for tracking, offering minimal fatigue on the top end, slightly scooped out low mids (around 200 to 400 Hz) and just enough bottom - and that performers liked both KRK models for overdubs.”

“Expect excellent isolation from the KNS 6400 closed-back earcups for superb listening privacy in any setting and zero leakage into the mic during recording or vocal work. Highly recommended, well-priced headphone for recordists, mixers, DJs and personal monitoring of all music genres.”

“KNS 8400 - Nuanced tonal balance and clear timbral transparency at all frequencies. Low-end bass response is robust and full but with controlled impact while the uppermost highs remain present and brilliant without glare or screech.”

“These headphones provide a noticeably different listening and soundstaging experience than other headphones in their class, one that's likely to win over musicians from some other headphones costing much more.”

Rodney "Darkchild"Jerkins

Darkchild Entertainment

“The first thing I want to know is whether the low frequencies are there? Does it feel like the Expose monitors? And it totally does, the comfort is incredible. They are lightweight - not these big, old heavy headphones that you feel like you want to take off after wearing them for five minutes. Now when I take my mixes home or when I'm traveling, I can plug my KRK headphones into my laptop and feel like I'm still in the studio. That's important when you're making hits for the radio; you have to be spot on.”

Jim Roach

Record Producer/Label Owner

“The low end was unexpectedly round and robust, and the tops were high. And you don't have the sensation that you've got these sort of speakers literally duct taped to your ears where there's a really flat sound. It had depth - it felt musical, which for me is really important.”

Stephen Marsh

Mastering Engineer

“When its past 10:00 and the kids are sleeping and you need to get this one more mix finished, and you have to change from your speakers to your headphones, you're not losing anything. In a studio situation you're wearing headphones for 12 hours, 14 hours, 16 hours. They've got to be comfortable. They've got to be closed back because you're going to record with them. They've got to have a long cable with a volume control on the cable that's convenient. These have them. That's great.”

ROKIT Reviews

Pro Audio Review

“Ultimately, it's the ROKIT Powered 10-3's large, space-filling sound and price that will whet the appetites of prospective buyers. For 'newbies' that have never had the experience of working in a room with big (and often-soffit-mounted) monitors, this product is an ideal entree to the experience.”


“KRK is offering a serious contender in dual-purpose monitoring that delivers both in sound quality and great features.”

“I found the 10-3's to be exactly what they claim to be: accurate, with very good imaging, and very good clarity.”

Recording Magazine

“Notable is the design feature that enables the user to reconfigure the mid- and high-frequency drivers so that the cabinet can be operated horizontally. Quite ingenious.”

“The strength of the 10-3 is in the mids and upper mids. Voices, violins, winds, were all nuanced and distinct, and even massed brass sections didn't lose transparency." ”


“The RP10's bottom end's tighter and deeper, there's no honkiness from the port at any listening level, the mid-range is detailed and transparent, and the top end is smooth and revealing. The RP10s don't sound hi-fi in the hyped, flattering sense, but there's an enjoyably involving character to the sound ”

Post Magazine

“You can push people back in their seats and enjoy the vaguely stunned yet impressed looks they give you. Did I mention they're exceedingly good at being loud? Not sloppy loud either.”

“It positively fans you with deep, deep lows. You don't currently have a dedicated sub, you say? Well, these can and will cover your low-end spread in most rooms with their ported 10s. My low-end translations improved immediately. ”

Music Connection / Barry Rudolph KRK ROKIT Powered 10-3 Review

“Right out of the box they had an accurate subsonic level and more available (if I wanted) than my mains which cost about 8 times as much!”

Studio Magazin (Germany) KRK ROKIT Powered 10-3 Review

“I was surprised by a very good, contoured bass response, precise stereo imaging, and needle-sharp mid-range response.”

Mike Levine from Mix Magazine on the KRK ROKIT Powered 10-3

“I felt like I could distinguish between the mix elements in a way that I couldn't on my various smaller monitors. To really put them through their paces, I turned them up to close to 100 dB, and they stayed crisp and clean and I felt the floor vibrating. ”

JukeBox (Producer of Willow's Whip My Hair) on KRK ROKIT Powered 10-3

“I'm very impressed with the clarity they have with a near perfect balance of high, mids, and low end. This is my first time running 3way's in my own studio and I get a very solid and accurate sound in my mixes. Having the low-end drivers in the focus position helps me experience the full potential of sound. ”

Home Recording Weekly Review KRK ROKIT 8

“I liken the difference of the quality of the overall sound detail of my old monitors to my new KRK ROKIT RP8G2 monitors to the difference between the usual "acoustic night" at the local coffee shop, and a stadium concert featuring a full blown metal band. Perhaps that will "paint the picture" of what I am trying to relate about actually "feeling" the kick drum and the bass woof with the RP8G2 monitors.”

Pro Audio Review KRK ROKIT 6

“I found the R6s to be quite truthful in translating "the big picture" of mixes. They are very enjoyable recreational listening speakers and, I believe, incredibly useful in judging mixes. I made some key (and arguably crucial) mix decisions using the R6”

Pro Audio Review KRK ROKIT 5

“The ROKIT 5 G2 would be a solid fit for an application where acoustic environment is an issue, surround mixes are taking place, or the on-the-go engineer needs a monitor able to quickly adapt to acoustic spaces and connectivity.”

VXT Reviews KRK VXT 4 Review

“I was amazed by how much full-sounding base could come out of a 4" woofer. Even more impressive was the performance of the tweeter which seemed to breathe new life into songs by allowing me to hear every single element of the music clearly regardless of how high I set the volume.” KRK VXT Review

“Now that I know what I'm missing sonically, I really don't want to work on my music until I have a set of VXTs!” KRK VXT Review

“For Broadcasters these boxes pack a lot of punch for a modest price.”

Film Music Weekly KRK VXT8 Review

“KRK VXT8s are like an electron microscope because they bring out the strengths and weaknesses of the sounds we work with, including reverb and other effects.” KRK VXT8 Review

“Finally, the VXT8s possessed that certain 'wow' factor most of us desire; they sound big, have a large, wide sweet spot and are capable critical tracking, treatment and mix monitors, as well as perfectly affordable 'knock your socks off' mid-fields for impressionable client.”

Gearwire KRK VXT 4 Review

“I was surprised how loud the VXT4 could get—they easily overpowered my other small pro-level monitors, yet sounded very clean and musical. After hours of listening to them on a variety of projects, I didn't feel fatigued.”

Home Recording Weekly KRK VXT 4 Rreview

“Not only was every nuance of the recordings illuminated, but new things were heard for the first time. I was actually hearing amp and guitar combinations that I had missed before! I found myself unable to get out of my chair, because I was wrapped in a warm blanket of amazing quality audio.”

Sound on Sound KRK VXT4 Review

“'s good to know that compact monitors like these KRKs can produce serious results in smaller spaces.”

Subwoofer Reviews

Music Connection - Barry Rudolph

"I've always been a no subwoofer guy; an 'old school' stereo music mixer but after checking out the new KRK 12sHO powered subwoofer, I want to change all that--NOW!"

"The 12sHO will extend the low frequency range of any brand of monitors down to 29Hz in an accurate and effortless way and at any listening volume."