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DJ Sasha

Acclaimed DJ, producer and remixer Alexander Paul Coe, better known as DJ Sasha, knows how to command the dance floor with his skillful, exclusive interpretations of tracks from popular electronic-dance music personalities such as Benjamin Damage, Blondes, Foals, Little Dragon, and Thermalbear.

With his feel-good, hypnotic tracks, DJ Sasha has held court at many acclaimed events across the globe. This summer, he will be hosting four 'Last Night on Earth' celebrations at the infamous Space in Ibiza, supported by the likes of world-renowned dance-music luminaries Fritz Kalkbrenner, Magda, Julio Bashmore, and more. Currently, he is spending much of his time in his studio, producing new tracks slated for release in the upcoming months. Having just finished mixing the newly released London Grammar record, Hey Now, which skyrocketed to #1 on the Beatport charts, he is currently focusing on writing original music. He relies on KRK's VXT4 monitor and 10s powered subwoofer to help bring his music creations to life.

"In the past, I've worked on other speakers that seem to boost frequencies, but when I played back the tracks, I was always disappointed," he says. "With KRK, I find that the speakers are very true to their sound, and that there are never any surprises when I play the tracks back, even when in different studios. KRKs are very good for electronic music, with all of its bass and punchy drums. I love working with KRK in my studio."

The KRK equipment is a recent addition to DJ Sasha's roster, introduced to him by London-based DJ and producer Thermalbear. At the time, DJ Sasha had just finished his latest album, the third Involv3r album. In realizing that he was going to be on the road for a year, he thought that it was time to sell some of his older equipment and officially make the KRK investment, so he could bring it on the road with him.

"When I'm not writing on the road in various hotel rooms, I'm working at home on a very small setup, which is why the VXT4s are perfect, because they easily fit right into the corner of my house," he says. "Additionally, the 10s sub bass gives me the weight that I need to balance out club tracks properly."

"I really value the consistency that the KRK speakers offer," he adds. "I never have to worry that when I work on something at home and then take it to the studio in London that it is going to sound completely different, which can happen when working on different sets of monitors. With the KRKs, the sound is very true and the writing always translates very well into the mixes that we do. The speakers are very well-suited for mixing club tracks."

DJ Sasha is known for pushing boundaries with his groundbreaking, killer dance-floor tracks. The long-awaited third album in his Involver series in 2013, the intricate and challenging Involv3r, is exemplary of this. It features his exclusive interpretations of tracks from an array of acclaimed artists, in addition to his own "Shoot You Down," a spine-chilling anthem with vocals from the beguiling Swedish chanteuse Kicki Halmos.

With his impressive history, DJ Sasha's advice to up-and-comers looking to make it in the music business is simple: "I think that my biggest personal mistake was that when I first started working on music, I kept buying new pieces of equipment hoping that the next purchase was going to get me the right sound and be the answer to my prayers," he says. "I ended up sitting myself down and taking the time to learn how to work one piece of equipment, inside and out, and once I understood how to work that piece, everything else seemed to click into place."

He adds, "At the end of the day, it's all about the writing that you put out there. Keep the technology simple in the beginning and try to get your ideas out there as quickly as possible. Donít over-think it. Just create."

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