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Rishi Rich

Award-winning songwriter and producer Rishi Rich is one of the most successful international music producers to date. Born in Britain and of Sikh heritage, he has been in the music business for 15 years, signing on to work on his first album at the tender age of 15, under the production of 2Kool. Growing up Punjabi with a love for urban and pop music, Rich cites artists such as Teddy Riley, R.D. Burman and Soul2Soul as major influences.

WAfter working on his first album, Rishi went on to co-produce 10 Asian-music albums before working on his first solo album, Simply Rich, which debuted at No.1 in the Asian charts in October 2002. The lead single, "Nahin Jeena," featuring Don Dee and Juggy D, is a timeless classic. The album showcased Rishi’s innovative style of fusing R&B, Ragga and Bhangra, which helped propel his now-trademark beats into the mainstream music world. He has worked on remixes with international artists such as Craig David, Mary J. Blige, Ricky Martin, Westlife, Estelle and Liberty X. He produced the Top-10 hit "Roll On" for Mis-teeq and "This Is How We Do It" for the Ali G Indahouse soundtrack. Rishi also produced the Kulcha remix for Britney Spears and Madonna's "Me Against The Music."

As an in-demand producer working with top names in the music industry, Rich must rely on the right equipment to see him through his projects. The producer regularly uses KRK VXT-8 and VXT-4 active studio monitors, ROKIT 8 monitors and the company's KNS 8400 headphones.

"I've always been a fan of KRK and have been using the brand in the professional studio I rent space in and at my studio at home for the last 12 years," says Rich. "I love the true sound the equipment brings to my music. I got my very first pair of speakers from KRK. I often use them with the QBass software and I think the two meld perfectly to provide warmth to the sound."

KRK's VXT line features diffraction-limiting curved surfaces, silk-domed tweeters, seamless crossover and the company's trademark-yellow Kevlar woofer. Overall, this line of monitors offers users superior audio imaging, outstanding transient response and precise detail. As for the ROKIT 8 monitors, they feature front-firing bass ports, soft-domed tweeters and glass aramid composite yellow cone, as well as refined voicing and a new curved baffle that looks stylish, reduces diffraction and provides even, highly accurate monitoring.

In addition to his musical talent, Rich is adept at spotting new artists, launching the successful careers of Juggy D and Jay Sean under the record label 2Point9. The trio brought a new sound to the 2000s and achieved revolutionary mainstream success with their Bhangra and R&B mix. Over the next few years, Rich produced several chart-topping singles and launched Rishi Rich Productions, his own production company.

Some of his more current projects include working with top Bollywood music director Anu Malik to lay down tracks for several upcoming Bollywood films. He has also signed two exclusive management deals with Kikit (Prince's manager), as well as the Carving Dreams agency in India, which manages several A-List Bollywood actors. Rich, who is working on another solo album, was also named by Planman Media as one of India's top-100 powerful Indians around the world in 2013, for his work in entertainment.

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