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Jordan Rudess

For Jordan Rudess, success stems from his fingertips. The world-renowned keyboardist plays piano with Dream Theater, an American progressive metal band highly regarded for the technical proficiency of its players. The Julliard-trained instrumentalist has also shared the stage with David Bowie, Enrique Iglesias, Tony Williams, and Steven Wilson, alongside other leading musicians.

Even with this busy schedule, Rudess still finds time for solo projects. His most recent, Notes on a Dream, features Rudess playing piano arrangements of Dream Theater's favorite ballads. Pianists pride themselves on precision, so when Rudess plays back and mixes the melodies in his home studio, he relies on KRK VXT8 monitors to emulate his compositions accurately.

"I've worked with KRK monitors for years in outside studios and really admire the sound quality they produce, so I'm quite pleased to incorporate them into my own sonic world," Rudess says. "The most important thing to me about a studio monitor is the accuracy. I want to know that when I create something in my studio, it will translate out to the rest of the world properly. With KRK monitors, I can be confident that they will do just that." Visually striking and functional, the VXT8 boasts a curved, sleek, diffraction-limited surface. It is one of the most accurate studio monitors available.

Rudess most recently used the VXT8s while working on Levin Minnemann Rudess, a progressive rock album. The newly released album soared to the top of the charts and at one point held the number one spot on Amazon in the hard rock category.

His love for music extends beyond his own talent, though, and Rudess is eager to teach his technique to others. Aside from authoring Total Keyboard Wizardry: A Technique and Improvisation Workbook, he owns his own app development company, Wizdom Music. Its first app, MorphWiz, won Best Music Creation App in the first-ever Billboard Music App Awards, produced by Billboard magazine, just four months after the app's release.

"I was very inspired when I first touched an iPhone screen," Rudess says. "The possibility of using multi-touch combined with graphics to further musical expression was such an exciting concept to me that I felt compelled to put together a company to pursue this vision!"

Jordan is currently working on a Pledge music campaign (www.pledgemusic.com/jordanrudess), which centers on the recording of his original composition, "Explorations for Keyboard and Orchestra." The campaign will be included is his new solo piano album, which in addition to being available in traditional audio formats, will also be released as an interactive iOS music experience.

Dream Theater's album, A Dramatic Turn of Events, hit the music scene in 2011. Shortly after, the group received a Grammy nomination for its song "On the Backs of Angels." The next album, self-titled, will be released shortly. Rudess and the other members of Dream Theater-main vocalist James LaBrie, bassist John Myung, drummer Mike Mangini, and guitarist John Petrucci-will kick off an extensive world tour in 2014.

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