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Frida Gold

Ever since the debut of its addictive dance tune, "Zeig mir wie dutanzt," in 2010, the German pop music outfit Frida Gold has been steadily climbing the music charts. Its frenetic dance music and ethereal-yet-forceful vocals by lead singer Alina Süggeler have won the group legions of fans across Europe, and the recognition of such electronic music megastars as Skrillex, who issued a remix of "Zeig mir wie dutanzt" that gave the band wider recognition outside of the German-speaking world.

Frida Gold owes much of its funky, eclectic sound to the diverse musical backgrounds of its members, who hail from hardcore, metal, hip-hop, classic rock and even classical traditions. The genius of the band is its ability to blend these divergent genres into a unique style of music that is all its own. "Playing pop music is really organic," says Andreas "Andi" Weizel, Frida Goldís bass player and a producer for the band. "We find that it allows us to mix all the genres that we love. So we are picking our stuff and trying to meld it to our vision. We try to absorb things we like about different kinds of music and blend them to make our music."

For its second album, Frida Gold has been working with several songwriters and musicians outside Germany on tracks. The band has rented a house in Los Angeles, where it employs the living room as a recording and mixing studio for the album. Weizel uses the KRK VXT8 monitor and ERGO (Enhanced Room Geometry Optimization) audio recording interface/room correction system to create a highly accurate mixing environment.

"We canít be too loud in the house, so I use the ERGO to help keep control of the silence," says Weizel. "It works so well, itís crazy. You really can set it up anywhere and balance the sound. It's excellent. As for the VXT8s, even at a low level, they really still have that punch. Thatís what I like about themóhaving a low level but also having the subwoofers. It's a brilliant combination. Iím so glad I have them."

Weizel began working with the KRK equipment earlier this year, when he moved to Berlin and started setting up a new studio. "Before that, I was just doing everything on the road, with my laptop and headphones," he recalls. "The studio is still in progress, but it's going to be set up with KRKs, that's for sure."

With its diffraction-limiting curved surfaces, silk-domed tweeter, seamless crossover and trademark yellow Kevlar woofer, KRKís VXT8 monitor virtually eliminates diffraction, delivering excellent imaging characteristics and a wide sweet spot. This offers a highly accurate reproduction of a mix, ensuring that what Weizel hears in the studio is true to the final sound he wants to achieve for a track.

Also helping Weizel to maintain a professional studio sound in less-than-ideal conditions is the ERGO system. Designed to measure and analyze phase/frequency problems within a listening environment, ERGO features a digital signal processer that processes audio to correct for any offending issues. This way, Weizel can maintain the appropriate sound levels for mixing without annoying his neighbors.

In addition to the ERGO and VXT8 systems, Weizel also employs KRK's ROKIT 5 monitors whenever the band goes on tour. Weizel finds the ROKIT 5s to be perfect for the road. "I set them up in our hotel rooms, so I have a little speaker system with me," he says. "They work so well, and since they are so small, I can set them up anywhere."

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