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Renowned producer Caviar who is known for working with the award-winning American R&B soul singer Macy Gray, trendy hip hop recording artist CeeLo Green and legendary actor Keith Robinson, who is best known for his role as "C.C. White" in the Oscar®-winning feature film Dreamgirls, has been heavily involved in some of film and music’s most exciting projects. His past music productions have been broadcast around the globe during major worldwide events, most notably during the 2010 World Cup, and he counts legendary rappers and producers such as The D.O.C., Tupac (2Pac) Shakur, Dr. Dre and Timbaland among his main musical influencers. Caviar works with an eclectic mix of celebrated musicians and up-and-coming artists to produce smash hit rap and hip-hop tracks.

Caviar first developed an interest in producing at the young age of 12 when good friends and neighborhood producers DJ Train and his brother, Night Stawka, brought him to their studio. There, he received hands-on experience in the song-creation process, allowing him to cultivate his talent.

Caviar's breakout moment came in 2010, when he began working with R&B and soul singer Macy Gray to produce what would soon become the hit song "Beauty in the World," which debuted on television screens across the globe during the 2010 World Cup. "I was so excited," he says. "This was the moment that everything became real for me. With my whole family gathered around the television screen, I just kept saying, 'I did that track. That's my beat!' I will never forget that moment."

Since "Beauty in the World," Caviar has worked with an array of acclaimed artists to produce smash hit records. He is currently producing his own debut solo album, as well as CeeLo Green’s latest album, in his personal studio, Kannon Entertainment, in Hollywood, California. As quality sound reproduction is an essential element to a successful track, Caviar relies heavily on KRK monitors in his studio. After testing countless pairs of speakers, he knew that KRK would meet all the required technological needs for both himself and his musicians.

The KRK gear also fits into Kannon Entertainment's aesthetics. The studio has been designed according to feng shui, with each of the studio's four rooms designed to represent a different element: earth, wind, fire and water. The blue room, which plays off the water element in its design, is home to Caviar's KRK ROKIT 6s and 8s, as well as the KRK 10s Subwoofer. "I designed the blue room to feel very cozy and relaxing," he says. "Artists tell me that when they enter the blue room, they feel like they are about to get a massage rather than lay down a track." The KRK speakers are set high in the room pointing down toward the producer desk and chair. "The KRK speakers sound so sweet with the way the room is tuned. Everyone loves to sit in there. Artists immediately ask, 'Can I go sit in the blue room and hear what it sounds like?'"

Caviar is especially keen on the KRK's capability to handle the heavy bottoms and subs that play a vital role in hip-hop and R&B creations. “The thing that's amazing about the KRKs is that the sound coming out of the speakers is the true sound," he says. "No alternations need to be made to the bass when I listen to it outside the studio, like in my car radio, because I can trust that the KRK speakers are accurately articulating the sound we work to create in the studio. KRK speakers are the ideal speakers for producers like me."

Always striving to create a unique sound in his studio, Caviar is a firm believer that originality is a key component in the music industry today. He encourages young musicians to strive to follow their instincts and break away from the mold that the industry sets. "Make original music, and do what you really feel," he says. "Stay true to you, and then once you make it, you’ll never have to fake it. People will love you for who you are."

Caviar's additional upcoming projects include working with emerging artists, such as Pablo Tha Capo, Royal TY and Savan West, N3RD, LB The Hype. To read more about Caviar and his latest ventures in the music industry, please visit http://www.facebook.com/caviarakacavie.

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