Featured KRK User Ben Kopec

Alex Teamer

From the moment his parents gave him a guitar at age 11, TV and film music composer Ben Kopec (www.benkopec.com) knew music would be a big part of his life, and has been composing ever since. The Intricate Unit band member's work has been featured in such films as Never Surrender, Disorientation, and Train, and in a variety of TV programs on CBS, MTV, Showtime, E!, FOX Sports, A & E, and Oxygen, among other popular networks.

Save for an orchestration class he took with top Hollywood orchestrator Steven Scott Smalley, Kopec is self-taught. His love for music is what drove him during his childhood to go from playing guitar in his bedroom to forming and performing live with Intricate Unit. Now living and working in Hollywood, he is currently composing music for new movie trailers such as The Tall Man.

Kopec grew up listening to an eclectic and varied mix of music, citing everything from the classical masterpieces of Stravinsky and Tchaikovsky to the more modern heavy metal and alternative songs of Venetian Snares, Nirvana, Prodigy, Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails, DMX and Pantera as influences. His familiarity with so many different types of music gives him the flexibility to compose across multiple genres, including horror, drama and everything in between.

Because his work is so varied, it is important for Kopec to work with equipment he can rely on consistently. A major fan of KRK’s line of monitors, he recently upgraded to the company’s VXT8 monitors.

"I have always used KRK monitors," says Kopec. "I remember buying my first pair of passive monitors almost 10 years ago. I still have them and they still sound amazing. For my main studio, however, I am now using the VXT8s for composing and mixing."

KRK’s VXT8s are part of the KRK VXT Series of studio monitors, designed for accurate yet portable reference monitoring for a variety of applications. Since using the VXT8s, Kopec has seen his production quality improve by leaps and bounds.

"The crisp clean sound of the monitors really lets me get into the mix and make it sound great," he says. "My clients are noticeably happier with my latest mixes."

The VXT8s allow Kopec to mix both at loud and quiet levels, allowing him to hear subtleties. This is one of the main reasons he decided to buy the VXT8 monitors. The other monitors he considered did not maintain the dynamics and clarity at lower levels, elements that make it possible for Kopec to produce a better mix.

"I would recommend these monitors in a heartbeat," he says. "I have tested out a lot of other monitors, and felt the VXT8s were totally unbiased and delivered a very real, natural tone."

In addition to the VXT8 monitors, Kopec is also using the KRK 10S subwoofer, a perfect complement to the VXT line.

"The 10S subwoofer is so powerful that I have it down at -25dB and it still shakes everything on the shelves in my studio,” he says. By combining his favorite KRK equipment, Kopec is able to focus on producing the top-notch music mixes for which he is known.

Currently, Kopec is launching his own trailer music company, Elite Trailer Music, and finishing up his first album, which will be a mash-up of dub step and epic orchestral music.

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